Yoga of Alchemy: a path to Individuation with Thom F.Cavalli

Is Alchemy still relevant as a map for inner transformation? What can we learn from a rock? What is the nature of the mind? The Hermetic Art of Alchemy can still teach us a lot and there is no better guide than author and psychologist Thom F. Cavalli.


Thom F. Cavalli on “the Self”

Jungian psychologist and author Thom Cavalli help us understand the mysterious dimension of the SELF and it’s dynamic with the EGO. Thom is the author of “Alchemical Psychology” , one of the most accessible book on the subject of self-transformation and jungian approach to what is often consider the western yogic way: alchemy as the art of individuation. His latest book “Embodying Osiris” pursue his research and exploration of mythology and practical deep psychology.